My journey through life has led me around the world in search of the questions I have had about life.  Early in my 20s I began to develop a keen interest in plants: as food, as nutrition, as life, and as medicine.  That curiosity eventually led me to the Amazon where I began to work with indigenous plants to learn the traditional ways of healing.  My experience combines many different modalities of working with plants.  The plants of the Amazon, and the way in which the peoples of the Amazon work with them, has had a revelatory effect on my life and being.  Plants truly are our food, our life, our medicine, and they are alive and here to help us learn from them.  They can open us to a world that we perhaps never could have imagined.  When we approach them with respect, honor, humility, and a genuine desire to learn, they can open the doors of life and truly heal us on all levels.  I am deeply grateful to all of my teachers, everyone that has helped me in this journey to where I am, and to wherever it may lead.

Photo: Francesca Magnani