Yanomami tobacco origin tale

Nosíriwë walks through the forest weeping, because he is in need. He cries ‘peshiyë, peshiyë, peshiyë!’ as he walks. He finds some blue-headed parrots eating pahi and moshima fruits and asks them for a bunch. They ask him why he is crying; he says he is in need of something. They give him the fruits and he continues wandering and weeping, finding some more parrots eating reshe fruits. They also interrogate him and give him the fruits he asks for, which he eats without satisfying himself. 'I am crying because there's something I don't have', he says. Once again he finds parrots eating, eats a little and goes on lamenting.

Finally he fínds Kinkajou, who is eating fruits sitting on the branch of a tree. He has left his axe in the ground with a cut of tobacco in the handle. Nosiriwë again voices his craving, and asks Kinkajou for some fruit. They are tasteless, says Kinkajou, who has guessed Nosiriwë's need, and tells him to take his tobacco cut instead. Nosiriwë inserts the tobacco under his lip and shouts his satisfaction: 'Aye, ayë, ayë’. He then goes away, and all over the places where he spits on the way back, tobacco plants grow 

from Lizot in Wilbert Simoneau 1990:168-169